Often called “America’s Alps,” the mountain scenery of the North Cascades features dozens of glaciers, alpine lakes, and plunging waterfalls. Experience this world-class mountain scenery from the air.


We are open for spring and summer flights March 29 – June 28, 2024. Fall and winter flights begin in September. Note: Super Cub flights are temporarily on pause. See our Reservations page for more scheduling information and announcements.

Located in the heart of the
North Cascades

Snowking Aviation is based in Concrete, Washington, near the boundary of North Cascades National Park on Scenic Highway 20, just 95 miles north of Seattle. Spectacular Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan, and the Glacier Peak Wilderness are just over the hill. With wilderness so close, our scenic flights are able to take visitors deep into the mountains.

The Art of Aerial Photography

What is a scenic photo flight?

Not only is the experience of flying extraordinary, the rare access to remote, rugged places can inspire all photographers and film-makers, from beginner to pro. Scenic photography flights focus on the art of photography and videography. Our airplanes are capable of slow flight and are maneuverable for close-up perspectives. We are sensitive to lighting and camera/airplane positioning, and visibility is excellent in all directions.

Aerial Photography Tips

Any camera will do, whether it’s a smartphone, a GoPro, or an SLR. For how-to information, check out these aerial photography tips, featuring advice from acclaimed northwest photographer and pilot, John Scurlock.

We Fly Bush Planes

The Piper Super Cub and the Cessna Skywagon are iconic bush planes preferred by Alaska pilots. Their rugged design, reliability, and short takeoff and landing (STOL) performance make them ideal for rough terrain and remote locations.

Open to All

Scenic photos flights are family-friendly and open to all over the age of 7. Our customers frequently include:

• Tourists
• Artists
• Film producers
• Social media influencers
• News media
• Backcountry adventurers

“I hope I dream about this tonight.”

– Kim Ellin Concrete, WA

Planning a Backcountry Adventure?

As climbers, we recognize the value of scoping alpine objectives and approach routes from the air before making a larger commitment. Our flights provide quick access to the backcountry for direct, accurate information that is not possible to obtain any other way. We’ll fly with you and your partners to evaluate and document your obsession.

Airplane Ferry Service

Snowking Aviation ferries single-engine airplanes between Alaska, Canada, and the 48 States. We deliver taildraggers, floatplanes, and tricycle gear airplanes for buyers, sellers, and owners.

For the Media

At our facility in Washington, we provide site and staging for media and marketing professionals looking for adventure, outdoor, or aviation-related visual themes. Inspire your audiences with an original setting that includes our vintage hangar, surrounded by green grass and forested mountains, and show-quality bush airplanes.

Also in Alaska, we provide location scout services for photo and film shoots. We’ve operated out of rural Alaska since 1991 and know where to go and when, what to bring, and how to get there. Our local insights will provide you with access to remote locations that highlight the natural drama of Alaska. Reach out to us for details!

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