Touring the Heart of the North Cascades with Snowking

August 22, 2018

“We took the Snowking ‘North Cascades Explorer’ flight, from Concrete, through the heart of the Southern District of the North Cascades, and on around Glacier Peak. This is jaw-dropping country, and the flight stands as the highlight of our trip to Washington State. Wayne was extremely communicative and professional, in answering our initial questions, in preparing us to fly, and in providing us with knowledgeable commentary during the flight itself. Flying in a small plane, for the first time, over incredibly rugged, glaciated terrain, might seem likely to be stressful, but Wayne had prepared us well, and we were able to enjoy the incredible scenery rather than worry. I have hiked in the North Cascades at various times for decades, and have seen glaciers and the ‘sea of peaks’ on foot, but the Snowking flight provided a totally new dimension to my experience of these magnificent mountains.”

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