North Cascades Explorer

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Fly the picturesque North Cascades, affectionately known as America’s Alps–the wildest and most glaciated mountain range in the U.S. outside Alaska.

Explore an unparalleled combination of biodiversity and scenery that is accessible only by air. This route features wilderness on a grand scale. Glacier-clad peaks rise vertically from thickly forested valleys. Waterfalls, mountain lakes, alpine meadows, and hundreds of glaciers dominate the picturesque landscape offering the most diverse photo opportunities in a single flight.

Shooting with an iPhone, a digital SLR, or a large format camera, you can capture spectacular landscape images from the air.

Join us for an unforgettable flight adventure!

*This is a photography flight. Please bring a camera. (A smartphone is fine.)

1 hour 10 minutes

Flight time

$435 / person

Price based on 2 person minimum.
Single-passenger flights available. Please contact us for details.


Call or reserve online

(360) 389-2339

Customer Feedback & Photos

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This is the coolest thing I’ve ever done.

"This is awesome, I've been wanting to fly in a bush plane since I don't know how long."

Tanner Baxter April 16, 2021

An Artist

Our pilot, Wayne, was an artist he was so smooth. Everything about this flight was outstanding!

Talkeetna, AK March 31, 2019

Best Christmas present EVER

"What a magical experience! My girlfriend got me a flight for Christmas and it was absolutely the best gift I've ever received. Wayne was incredibly responsive when setting up a time for the flight and made the entire experience very smooth. Before the flight and once in the air, he was also very flexible to changing the route and making extra passes to get the best photos possible. I can't wait to head back up there with him again!" -@Mitch_Pittman

Mitch Pittman Seattle, WA January 28, 2019

One of the best experiences I’ve had

"I’ve been in helicopters to take photos before, and had always thought they were better than planes for that purpose. However, shooting out the window of this small plane was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I’m so happy with how the photos turned out!"

Sarah Bethea Portland, OR January 22, 2019

Touring the Heart of the North Cascades with Snowking

"We took the Snowking 'North Cascades Explorer' flight, from Concrete, through the heart of the Southern District of the North Cascades, and on around Glacier Peak. This is jaw-dropping country, and the flight stands as the highlight of our trip to Washington State. Wayne was extremely communicative and professional, in answering our initial questions, in preparing us to fly, and in providing us with knowledgeable commentary during the flight itself. Flying in a small plane, for the first time, over incredibly rugged, glaciated terrain, might seem likely to be stressful, but Wayne had prepared us well, and we were able to enjoy the incredible scenery rather than worry. I have hiked in the North Cascades at various times for decades, and have seen glaciers and the 'sea of peaks' on foot, but the Snowking flight provided a totally new dimension to my experience of these magnificent mountains."

Howard C Austin, TX August 22, 2018

Hands Down the Best

"Flying in the super cub was an experience of a lifetime. Hands down the best scenic tour I’ve been on."

Tahmeena Ameen August 19, 2018


Tahmeena: He's going to get tired of me saying "Wow." But "wow, Wow, WOW!" This is what I love. Nabila: "I've dreamed of flying over the mountains like an eagle, and now I'm doing it! My dream is a reality. This sets the bar very high for my future flying trips."

Taheema Ameen and Nabila Javed March 15, 2018

A Bucket List Item

Larry: "It doesn't get any better than this. It just doesn't. Wow with a capital "W". Awesome. No, awesome isn't good enough. This is definitely a bucket list item." Kristi: "This made our anniversary special."

Larry and Kristi Blanchard December 17, 2017

Greatest Flight Experience

"This photo was taken last weekend from a small plane above the North Cascades. It was the greatest flight experience I've had in my life so far. And it was mainly due to having an amazing pilot, Wayne from @snowkingaviation. Like myself, Wayne is so enthusiastic about the outdoors and that was evident when he circled this lake a bunch of times to help me get this shot."

Will Hoshmand Winnetka, CA September 8, 2017

I Can’t Stop Gawking

"While visiting @ncascadesnps I knew I wanted to see some backcountry, but I didn't think I'd get to view it like this. I spontaneously splurged and decided to take an aerial tour of the northern cascades. Easily the highlight of this trip. I can't stop gawking."

Kayla Vogt Burlington, KY September 8, 2017


"If only there were another plane in this picture to show scale. From below, these mountains seem obtainable. Once we began climbing elevation it quickly became apparent just how massive and almost impossible these walls are. Circling the peaks, the plane cast only a small gray dot in the snow. #TBT to flying over the north cascades."

Kayla Vogt Burlington, KY September 8, 2017

Reminded of Patagonia

"These mountains [the North Cascades] are so vertical–they remind me of Patagonia."

Rich Danielson Pleasanton, CA July 31, 2017

Linking the Best Mountain Peaks

"I've climbed throughout the North Cascades and the route we flew [North Cascades Explorer] linked the best mountain peaks and glaciers."

Tom Cogbill Burien, WA July 30, 2017


"You were so informative, and I felt perfectly safe. That was just fabulous! Thank you... You're so lucky to do this every day. Let's do it again."

Judy Toscano Burien, WA July 30, 2017

Highlight of my Trip

"Snowking Aviation was a highlight of my trip. Everything was perfect!"

Michael, Jenna, and LuAnn Niznik Mechanicsburg, PA July 29, 2017

There’s No Place I’d Rather Fly

"There's no place I'd rather fly than the North Cascades."

Ryan Nelson Bellingham, WA July 29, 2017

Between the Peaks

"I like the way you flew between the peaks... The mountains seem to go on forever."

Ray Nelson Snohomish, WA July 29, 2017


"What a wonderful dream. Oh wait, that happened before I went to sleep!"

Derek Posey Bellingham, WA @derekposey July 15, 2017

Unforgettable Experience

"Wayne was great, answering questions and preparing me for the flight. Any anxiety I had about going up in a small plane for the first time was quickly dispelled by his professionalism and skill. He was very responsive to where I wanted to go, how close I wanted be, and even altering our flight plan as lighting and time allowed. This experience would be amazing for anyone. However, if you live here–if you climb, hike, ski, camp, etc in these amazing mountains–then you owe it to yourself to see them like this at least once in your life. I can't wait to go back!"

Derek Posey Bellingham, WA @derekposey July 14, 2017

Sweet Dreams

"I hope I dream about this tonight."

Kim Ellin Concrete, WA October 4, 2016

5 Stars

"Had a wonderful flight around Mt. Baker. It was everything we'd hoped for and more. Highly recommend!"

Emily Allred September 16, 2016

For Anyone Who Loves Adventure

"My Mom and I wanted a beautiful view of the North Cascades, and we weren't disappointed! Wayne was safe, knowledgeable, and genuinely happy to take us up in the air and deep in the mountains. I highly recommend a flight tour to anyone who loves adventure, mountain views, and a good time!"

Katie Rayfield September 8, 2016

Snowking Aviation Passengers

First Superintendent of North Cascades Natl. Park

Roger and Susie celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary. Roger Contor was the first superintendent of North Cascades National Park. "North Cascades has a great advocate and teacher to fly you over these unbelievable mountains. Wish Wayne had been here in the late 1960s when we started the new Park. What a treat!!"

Roger and Susie Contor August 18, 2016

I Love Your Job

"It is so fantastically beautiful. I've lived in these mountains all my life, but I've never seen them from this perspective...I love your job, without a doubt."

Darrell Justice Concrete, WA August 15, 2016

More Breathtaking than Yosemite

"I've been fortunate enough to travel and witness some of the most renowned places the great outdoors has to offer–from Alaska to Iceland to Yosemite and the New Zealand's South Island. But I was completely blown away by what right here in my own back yard, the Northern Cascades. If you are intrigued by mountain lakes, glaciers, sheer granite walls, and waterfalls, you owe it to yourself to explore the Cascades by air... Fortunately, Snowking Aviation makes exploring this rugged and raw terrain completely within reach."

Gig Harbor, WA August 13, 2016

Smiling Like a Little Kid

"Well, here it is Wednesday, and I'm still smiling like a little kid remembering our flight."

Oscar Port Townsend, WA August 2, 2016

Many Thanks

"I just want to thank you again for an unforgettable flight last Saturday. It was smiles all the way and you showed yourself to be a fine pilot in happy sync with your Super Cub. I'll be back soon for another adventure. Many, many thanks."

Oscar Port Townsend, WA July 27, 2016

Worth Our Trip

"This flight alone was entirely worth our trip to Washington."

Wanda Lebanon, OR July 23, 2016

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Prepare to Fly

Important information to help you prepare for your flight.

Bring your Camera

Snowking flights are ideal for aerial landscape photography. Visibility is excellent in all directions, and we will be sensitive to lighting and camera/airplane positioning.

Aerial Photography Tips

Learn aerial photography techniques from acclaimed northwest photographer and pilot John Scurlock.


If your flight is canceled due to weather, you can choose to reschedule, receive a full refund, or select a gift card redeemable for a future flight.

Our Premier Location

We are located on the edge of North Cascades National Park at Mears Field in Concrete, Washington. Our base of operations is the best location for flightseeing in the area. Surrounded by mountains, you’ll enjoy alpine spectacles right after take-off with no aerial commute to the scenery.

Gift Certificates

Give the gift of adventure! A popular choice for birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays, and just because.

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